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Nowadays, more than ever before, the internet is becoming a place where finding the exact thing you’re looking for, proves more than a challenge for some. As the number of internet websites continues to grow, a solution for this problem is required. Human edited directories aim to bring you relevant websites classified into relevant categories, thus making it easier for you to locate point-specific information. Keeping everything relevant is also one of our main goals.


As the old saying goes: while four wheels only manage to move one’s body, two wheels are sure to move one’s soul.
With motorcycling gaining in popularity each day, (not only among young people) the internet is increasingly used as a cyber-meeting place where bikers with similar interests congregate. We aim to provide you a guide of the most relevant motorcycling and motorcycle-related websites, so you don’t have to wander around, looking for bike-info in all the wrong places.

About us

We here at web-crawler.org, decided to put together a dedicated team whose only purpose is to bring visitors a comprehensive list of truly relevant websites, categorized and presented in a simple and straightforward manner.
Whether you’re interested in motorcycles, gambling and online gambling, fitness or bodybuilding, or you have a business related to these interests, we hope you’ll find lots of useful links on the pages of this website.



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Gambling has always been appealing to human nature. There's a gambler hiding deep down inside in each and every one of us, whether we like to admit it or not. With the recent growth in popularity online casinos and online poker have seen, gambling can no longer be kept away from our computer screens.
One of the basic issues concerning the phenomenon is linked to fairness. How can one know for sure whether the online casino or online poker room he/she decides to play at is really an honest operation? Beyond that, if you're going to gamble you need to know the Casino Games Rankings in order to spend your money wisely. If you're itching to play poker, learn the Basics of Texas Hold em Poker and you'll be on your way to taking home some cash. Playing some free poker online can also prove a valuable educational tool.


Everybody is interested in fitness. Don’t believe anyone if you’re told that this guy or the other doesn’t give a wooden nickel about his fitness. Fitness and health go hand in hand, and let’s face it, we’re in no position to consider health secondary to anything else.
It is our duty as human beings to watch out for our health and to pay attention to fitness too, as much as the circumstances we live in allow it.
Bodybuilding is more of an extreme approach towards physical fitness and health, and it enjoys a huge popularity world-over. With so many fitness and body-building programs, solutions and accessories available today, making the right choice might be more difficult than you’d think.



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